Slowing down

A year ago it felt like time was on caffeine. The world was bustling and spinning faster than I could keep up. By force of nature (quite literally) the Covid lockdown has stopped time’s caffeine overdose and the spinning of our world feels somewhat slower. We’re indoors, almost forced to slow things down. Personally, although my surroundings had slowed down, my mind still seemed to be travelling at the same momentum.

Picture this, laying beachfront watching the sun reflecting off each rippling wave whilst it rises and falls, gently shaping the sand into tidy ridges across the shore. Stepping barefoot on the sand and feeling the small grains nestle between each toe. Dreamy, right? For me I distinctly feel the world slow down everytime I’m on a beach. Being in London, it’s not everyday (rather, anyday)  I get to be in that space physically, especially with the Covid lockdown. But being in that space isn’t the only way to slow down. We can slow things down whatever our surroundings, our minds are just that powerful.

Whilst spending most of my time indoors over the last few months, clearing my mind initially proved challenging. My mind increasingly became cluttered and the momentum increased as the merge between work and home life quickly happened. Once lockdown was announced, my bedroom instantly became my work and sleeping space. With two areas in my life that were once physically separate, the two combining was definitely an adjustment.

Slowing down was the last thing on my mind when this transition to lockdown happened. But that should’ve been the first. This lockdown has taught me just how important it is to slow down and appreciate every single moment in life. The more I prioritised this, the greater the clarity in my mind became. Prioritising this was by no means an easy path, but definitely worth it. Focusing on two main things have helped me to slow down –  creating boundaries and having gratitude.

Creating boundaries
Many working remotely from their homes are faced with a situation where their work and personal lives have merged more than ever. This makes it more tricky to slow down after a busy day at work. Switching off the laptop doesn’t always turn off the flurry of thoughts from the day. I definitely felt this initially as I work in my bedroom. Creating boundaries within my room definitely helped. I split up the room, my desk became my work space and I left all other areas of the room for before and after work. Physically creating these boundaries helped me to slow down my mind after work.


There is a calmness to a life lived in gratitude, a quiet joy.

Ralph H. Blum

Gratitude is powerful. It’s an expression of strength and acknowledgement of good during difficult times. Personally, whenever I’ve gone through difficult, chaotic times in life, being grateful for what I have slows things down. It brings clarity in my mind. Writing down three things you’re grateful for at the end of the day is a great way to slow your mind down after a busy day.

There’s no doubt that life will have its’ chaotic, busy days and it’s completely natural to feel overwhelmed. Listen to your mind and body when you feel this way. As difficult as this time is for many around the world, it’s also an opportunity to slow down and reflect.

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