‘Not your average’ resolutions

‘Resolutions’ becomes a popular buzzword at this time of the year. Setting resolutions isn’t always the easiest. Although a popular buzzword, it can be an intimidating word. Setting expectations for a year yet to start can be inadvertently discouraging when we try and set out to achieve them. In a coming year which feels so uncertain, it’s more harder than ever to set specific yearly goals. With the uncertainty of whether everything will go back to normal, perhaps this could be a sign to work even more on our inner selves while we continue to stay indoors during lockdown.

Static or dynamic?
The usual way the ‘setting Resolutions’ process goes is before the end of the year, a specific set of goals to achieve for that coming year are set out. The aim of this is to stick firmly on trying to achieve them. However, this can sometimes lead people to feel discouraged when their circumstances change and they’re unable to achieve these goals. So, how about a ‘not your average’ set of resolutions? What if this year we looked more towards making these resolutions dynamic goals rather than only static? Every month work on setting small goals you’d like to achieve in that time frame. This makes the process more manageable in our minds and encourages us as we achieve these mini, manageable goals throughout the year. Sometimes setting a big static resolution for the year can be quite overwhelming, leading to us feeling discouraged. However, setting small, manageable goals throughout the year is extremely powerful and helps to keep us motivated.

Since 2021 is looking like more lockdowns and indoor living, why not go deeper inwards with your monthly goals? Since transformation of the heart and mind will manifest outwards, why not dig deep this 2021 with your resolutions too. If there’s some emotional healing you want to work through, a tough past situation where you still carry emotional burden, maybe that could be your focus for 2021? Focus on your heart and transforming your mind. For example, a small monthly goal could be to spend 10 minutes everyday to journal and pen out your thoughts or even listen to some relaxing music. Sometimes we forget to spend time with ourselves and take time to rest. Making self care a priority this 2021 is definitely going to be a running theme on my monthly goals.

To help with setting your monthly goals, download the free printable Monthly Goals planner below and fill out your goals for each month. Feel free to fill it out as we go through the year, don’t put any pressure on yourself to have it all set out before the year starts! At the end of each month fill out the ‘Reflection’ section to look back and log how you progressed on your monthly goals and fill out the ‘Gratefulness’ section with anything you feel thankful for that month.

If anything, this Covid period has taught us just how unpredictable things can get. In many ways, we’ve had to be flexible and adjust to these strange times. Despite this, I believe it’s truly taught us the key of being both dynamic and focusing on the inside, in all aspects of our lives (quite literally). In some sense, I think it’s quite fitting to reflect both a dynamic and inward focus in our goals for 2021 given this past year. As we approach the end of a very unexpected 2020, I raise a virtual, socially distanced toast to you all. Cheers to a ‘not your average’ year, and to a set of ‘not your average’ resolutions for the year to come. Challenge yourself in this coming year to be more dynamic than ever and search within.

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