Goodbye 2020

I raise a toast to you for this year,
Grab some water, wine or beer,
Let’s toast to all we’ve overcome,
And the people we’ve now become.

January, February and March passed by,
Covid cases grew increasingly high,
The first talks of a lockdown came,
For all, regardless of poverty or fame,
Something that did not discriminate,
On who it chose to eliminate.

April, May, June and July,
The Covid cases were still running high,
At home gyms, virtual quizzes galore,
Wishing that families were at the front door,
To come inside, hug and have a talk,
But Covid limited to 2 metre distanced walks.

August, September and October passes,
Indoor living, zoom calls and virtual classes,
Technology continues to sustain us all,
To comfort and show love over a call,
Is more powerful than we’d ever imagined,
To support others through all that’s happened.

November and finally the month of December,
Despite the Covid fears there’s a light of ember,
A glowing light of hope throughout the darkness,
Don’t give up, even if times feel the hardest,
You’ve made it through right to the end,
Though bodies and hearts are on the mend,
Take rest and always be kind to yourself,
And take time to focus on your inner self.

Now cast your doubts and worries aside,
Hold hope, be strong, keep that smile wide,
For there’s a year ending with the number 1,
Dawning upon us, let’s welcome 2021.

8 thoughts on “Goodbye 2020

  1. Your warm thoughts provides a positive outlook on life in the present COVID environment – very enlightening.
    Lovely summary of 2020 in a poem!!
    Looking forward to reading your next post.


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