The great indoors

With the Covid situation continuing into 2021, adapting and embracing indoor life is more important than ever.

I’ve always been someone who’s enjoyed staying at home. Being a homebody, the indoors is truly great to me. Wearing PJs and having access to a continuous stream of snacks are just two of many perks of being an indoor enthusiast. Personally, I feel like there’s something so comforting about being in your own cosy, enclosed space. There’s no place quite like home. Although our homes have quite literally become too close for comfort over the last many months, it’s brought light on the little things in life and their great importance.

Staying indoors for extended periods of time isn’t the easiest, even for your average introvert and homebody. Just like every change in life, we need time to adapt so don’t be hard on yourself if you’re still finding that transition challenging. The great outdoors doesn’t always automatically apply to the indoors. However, we can chose to see the beauty of the predominantly indoor lives we’ll be living for the time being.

The finer details
Finding the extraordinary in our everyday lives can be seen in the details. Looking deeper into your indoor life and soaking in everything you’re surrounded by is powerful. Sometimes we forget to look at the finer details of all that surrounds us. Whether it’s stopping to take in the intricate leaves of an indoor plant, the view from your window or the colours of a painting, taking time to acknowledge everything around us is a form of mindfulness. This helps to slow down your mind and develop a sense of greater appreciation for everything you’re surrounded by. Absorb yourself in the beauty of your indoor space. What does your indoor space look like and what parts of it bring you joy? Here’s a mini clip of my indoor space, giving a little visual ode to all the many cosy months of cooping up at home:

It’s all about our outlook. Taking time to soak in our indoor space helps to slow things down, sparks gratefulness and helps us to rest more deeply in our homes. Although staying indoors during this lockdown has been a big transition for us all, seek the beauty in your surroundings during this time and embrace the great indoors.

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