Are you feeling the festive slump?

It’s usually around this time of the month when Christmas trees, decorations and the holiday ‘diets’ shift away as we start tackling the first month of the new year. The festive slump beckons and it’s natural to feel it at this time. Following a high of festivity, the slump after it all ends can feel inevitable, yet it can be an opportunity to focus our minds on the festivity of a year yet to come.

After a somewhat slumpish 2020, the hopes for 2021 are high. Although its’ uncertainty looms, we can be sure that our outlook will always be something in our control. Regardless of what’s going on around us, we get to chose what lens we look at the world with. Life is always going to be full of unexpected, difficult situations, but what lens do we use to see them?

Choosing your lens
Although our world is full of difficult situations, there’s still light within these moments. Drawing in light from tough moments is all dependent on the metaphorical lens you use to view the situation. This 2021, make your lens one of gratefulness. In the situations you’re faced with, use this lens to help bring contentment and joy amidst these moments.

All year round festivity
With this new lens for 2021, it brings a different sense of festivity – a quiet joy and sense fulfillment. There’s no doubt that this year will bring about difficult circumstances, but viewing them with gratefulness for what you currently have in your life brings joy and a festive spirit into your everyday moments.

To combat the festive slump, this month let’s look at the world with a lens of gratefulness. Regardless of what this year brings our way, there’s always something in our lives we can be grateful for, which will in turn bring joy and festivity into our hearts.

2 thoughts on “Are you feeling the festive slump?

  1. Very inspiring post – thank you for sharing your thoughts. I really like the concept of ‘Choosing your lens’, it gives hope and inspiration.


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