Hey there, you’re not alone.

In a virtually connected world, why is it that sometimes we still feel disconnected? As lockdown continues for many of us around the world, we’re relying more heavily on technology to connect us. Despite this, loneliness seems to be creeping in for many. Being away from friends and family is so tough and the uncertainty on when we’ll see everyone again is unsettling, but in this we are not alone.

Reach out
During this time check in on your friends and family, a quick call can make all the difference. Actively reaching out to others with a text message or call helps to provide a sense of togetherness and is a reminder that despite the physical distance between you and your loved ones, you’ve still got their love and company.

Being vulnerable is so powerful, it’s far from a weakness. When it comes to communicating with friends and family digitally during this lockdown, take time to really express how you’re feeling. Showing vulnerability brings comfort to those around you that they’re not alone in how they feel and opens the door to allow you to be comforted by the words of others.

Life has changed so drastically for us all but the spirit and love in your relationships doesn’t have to. As we move into an era of digital communication during lockdown, let’s embrace this. Embracing it comes with acknowledging that the underlying spirit and love for others is unchanged whether communicated over digital or physical means, and that we’re truly never alone.

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