Pixar’s beautiful take on a Soul

The idea that every human has a soul is comforting. Knowing that there’s more than just our physical bodies and more to this life than what we see around us definitely brings me a sense of peace within.

Being a huge Pixar fan, I was very excited when I heard about the movie ‘Soul’ which they had released in 2020. There were many incredible reviews about this animated movie online, and I can confirm after watching it the other day that boy were they right! It’s unlike any movie I’ve ever watched before. It’s not often I come away from watching a movie feeling so moved, and this one did exactly that. Warning – there are spoiler alerts here if you haven’t watched this movie yet, so feel free to come back to this post after you’ve watched it!

Here’s two themes from the movie that struck hard at my soul strings:

Lost souls
The phrase ‘lost souls’ has sometimes been loosely used colloquially in our everyday language when we’re confused on next steps to take in our lives. This movie takes it further and more deeply. The ‘lost souls’ in the movie are metaphorically shown as figures made up of swirling sand, walking around mummering negative affirmations to themselves. The glowing soul is hiding inside these figures with the swirling sand around it, clouding the soul’s vision. Often this is how we can feel in life, and negativity can cloud our vision not just physically but within our souls too. We can end up feeling lost on a far deeper level than just our physical surroundings or circumstances, especially when debating the meaning and purpose of life. The word ‘purpose’ can feel daunting and what I found powerful is how they highlighted a different perspective to what people usually view their purposes as.

Although throughout there is an emphasis on how souls all have a spark which is their unique gift or talent, the movie rounds off by highlighting that this runs deeper in our purpose. It illustrates that our purpose ultimately is to love and care for one another and take in the little things in life whilst pursuing our dreams or even in the simple everyday moments of our lives. It highlights that that through this, we receive true fulfilment. Our lives are well lived in helping others to live well and live in the moment. The movie took a beautiful, unique take on purpose. It focused on the beauty and fulfilment in being mindful of our surroundings, appreciating others and the little things in life which would ultimately bring us true inner fulfilment and purpose.

The concept of a soul takes us far beyond the physical lives we lead and puts everything into perspective. No matter what your spark, everyday job or background, fulfilment and purpose can be found in everyday moments of life.

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