Happy Friyay!

We’ve reached the end of another week and I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely feeling that Friday feeling. The thought of an entire weekend stretched out before me puts the yay in Friyay for sure. There’s nothing more satisfying than the eve of two days of rest. It’s all in the anticipation. All days of the week are special, but Friday always has that buzz to it for all those who work weekday jobs. Everyone always seems happier and even despite having absolutely no plans to go out anywhere, it’s just nice to know there’s two days of rest coming up.

Although our weekends aren’t jam-packed with outings or places to go because of the ongoing lockdown situation, it’s the perfect time to unwind and relax in your home. But have you ever felt like you need another two days of rest after the weekend? Here’s two tips to prime yourself today for the weekend ahead and get the most rest out of the two days to come.

Take some time away from any digital devices – phones, laptops and tablets. Place them in a drawer for a few hours to allow yourself to recharge and focus on being in the moment.  Fight the urge to open up those drawers (I know it’s super tempting) and take time to disconnect from the screens and connect with yourself and your surroundings. It’ll help to get your mind centered and relaxed for the weekend to come.

Penning down your thoughts from the week is a great way to mentally offload any worries you may have, especially if you feel there’s a lot on your mind. Sometimes during the weekend our minds can still feel overwhelmed and packed with stuff that happened from the week that passed. If you’re feeling this, take a few minutes today to jot down on paper how you feel and what you’re thankful for. A mini pen to paper session can work wonders to clear the mind and will help put you right into the perfect zone for when Saturday morning comes along.

Taking the time to unwind on a Friday is super important to prime yourself for the two days of rest approaching. Being in the right headspace just before the weekend starts helps you to make the most of the days of rest to come. Spend some time this evening to relax, refresh and reconnect in readiness for this weekend. Happy Friyay everyone!

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