The Pursuit of Perfection

Does perfection truly exist? Life can sometimes feel like a relentless pursuit to reach our ideals of perfection. After relentless pursuit of this, it can more often than not, leave us questioning if the destination of this pursuit is simply unattainable. Throughout our lives we find ourselves pursuing different paths, in the hope of attaining an often, perfected view of life we’ve created in our minds, but is this truly what life’s about?

Comparison as a foundation for perfection
Is comparison the basis of what you view your standards of perfection as? Comparing our lives against others can be a slippery slope and skews what we truly want in our lives. Comparing can almost feel instinctual with the current global social media surge constantly shifting and molding the definition of perfection. Fight the pressures of this surge and always remember that the definition of perfection is subjective for everyone. Living life is made perfect through authenticity, growth and embracing the situations that come your way.

The beauty of imperfection
There is so much beauty in what we often see as imperfection. Sometimes we can get so caught up in reaching specific ideals of perfection in life, that we can forget life isn’t to be lived in a ‘perfect’ standardized way. Pursue growth rather than perfection. Grow and learn through the seemingly imperfect situations. Beauty is sometimes in the biggest mistakes we make or our most difficult situations, because from this, we often learn our most greatest lessons.

Living in pursuit of perfection can leave many feeling lost. With an everchanging definition of what the world sees perfection as, it’s completely natural to feel frustrated and confused on this never-ending pursuit. Rather than pursuing perfection, pursue your most authentic self. Embrace the imperfections and live life in pursuit of authenticity and growth.

3 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Perfection

  1. Such a lovely post! And I agree wholeheartedly with it. We must learn to embrace our imperfections and allow ourselves to make mistakes, otherwise, we’ll never have peace of mind. Thank you so much for posting!


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