Lockdown love series – Week 1: Self-love (Day 4)

Day 4 – Gratitude

The positive impacts of gratefulness on our lives are endless. Expressing thanks enables us to feel a deeper level of acceptance towards the situations we face, helping us to rest amidst whatever chaos life may bring our way. It puts everything into perspective and recenters our inner compass to what really matters in life.

Personally during this Covid lockdown, I’ve found that acknowledging what I’m grateful for in life has helped me to really focus in on the good and keep positive even when situations have been difficult. Although it’s easy to be grateful for more seemingly profound events in our lives like promotions, there’s great power in expressing gratitude for the things we may be taking for granted everyday – family, friends, a roof over our heads and countless more things.

Try writing down three things you’re grateful for at the end of each day. It could be in a notebook, or even the notes section in your phone. You’ll find that doing this towards the end of the day will leave you feeling both grounded and centered, prepared for a restful night of sleep and refreshed to conquer the next day.

Tune in every day of this week for inspo and encouragement on self-love.

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