Lockdown love series – Week 1: Self-love (Day 5)

Day 5 – Comparison

In a world which feels socially centered around having an online presence, it can be easy to base our standards on what we see is getting the most likes or most attention on social media. I know I’ve definitely been there. It’s become more easy than ever to base our standards off this. One tap onto a social media app and we’re inundated with streams of what society almost ‘expects’ us to be. Through this we can lose ourselves amidst countless hours of envious scrolling.

Although I don’t have any personal social media accounts now, I have struggled with comparison in my life. Social media isn’t to completely blame for us feeling this urge to compare ourselves to others. It’s all to do with our mindset. Acknowledging that we are all on our own journeys for a specific reason is crucial in overcoming the urges to compare ourselves to others. Being different is what makes us each unique in what we bring to this world. Striving for authenticity and embracing who we are and our unique journeys is what brings true fulfillment.

Whatever your situation or circumstance may be right now, focus on nourishing and loving your authentic self. You have something unique to offer this world that goes way beyond what may be affirmed through social media. Whatever you feel brings joy in your heart, chase after exactly that rather than a set standard.

Tune in every day of this week for inspo and encouragement on self-love.

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