Lockdown love series – Week 2: Romantic relationships (Day 2)

Day 2 – Seeking

For those seeking love right now, it can feel like an almost impossible and frustrating feat. Naturally, the craving for companionship grows during difficult times and adding Covid into the mix only makes things more complicated. For all the singletons out there, I know it must be super tough right now, but I truly believe Cupid strikes that arrow optimally when you’re in tune with your authentic self.

Although it may feel discouraging as social distancing and lockdowns continue to loom, it allows for greater time to reflect independently on exactly who you want in your life, which is foundationally based on embracing our most authentic selves. Often it can be easy to rush into relationships and end up losing yourself in the midst of it all, eventually resulting in you moulding yourself to fit someone else’s vision. Work on moulding yourself to the most authentic form of who you are. What do you want to achieve, what part of your life do you want to work on, what are your hobbies. Keep exploring and continue to focus on the things that fill your heart with joy. Life has a beautiful way of aligning things in our lives when we nourish and accept ourselves for who we are. Our relationships, decisions and feelings become deeper and more meaningful.

A relationship isn’t about two halves coming together to create one, but two wholes coming together to support each other on their journeys in life. Being whole is not about being perfect at everything, it’s all about fully embracing and nourishing your authentic self (even the parts you see as imperfect). It’s about feeling whole in your heart through loving and accepting who you authentically are first. This authenticity is what creates a healthy and fulfilling love life. Expecting another person to make us whole only ends up bringing us grief. Filling your ‘other half’ with another person will only dilute who you truly are. Seek after your authentic self and your other whole will follow ❤

Tune in every day of this week for inspo and encouragement on romantic relationships.

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