Lockdown love series – Week 2: Romantic relationships (Day 4)

Day 4 – Vulnerability

Despite the stigma, showing vulnerability is far from weak. It shows strength. As humans, it’s a way for us to deeply connect with another person. Expressing how you feel authentically to your partner will bring you all the more closer with eachother.

Being vulnerable is all about opening up your heart to another person, telling them authentically how you feel. The sound of that can sound quite daunting for some, but it’s the key to developing a deep connection. Choosing to hide your vulnerabilities in a relationship could shield you from getting hurt in the short term, but you could consequently run the painful risk of missing out on a deep and authentic connection with your partner.

Although being hurt by different things in our lives can naturally raise up barriers around our hearts, don’t let these stack so high that you and your partner can’t climb it. The fear of getting hurt can often be the catalyst to driving up those barriers around our hearts. In these moments be honest with your partner on how you’re feeling. Set aside time in the day to chat through what’s on your minds and what barriers you both may be feeling around your hearts. Be patient with eachother during this time and you’ll feel the barriers dissipate as you continue to discuss this over time and build that sense of security and connection together. We all have our own barriers and taking them down for another person can feel quite scary, but not taking them down also means risking the development of an incredibly deep, authentic and loving relationship.

Life has no absolute certainty. We will always run the risk of being hurt when our hearts are open, but with a closed heart you could be missing out on harnessing the most deepest connection. Keeping vulnerability ever-present between you and your partner is truly powerful.

Tune in every day of this week for inspo and encouragement on romantic relationships.

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