Lockdown love series – Week 3: Family relationships (Day 3)

Day 3 – Disagreements

Having a perfectly harmonious family relationship everyday may sound like the ideal to reach, but in reality having this expectation is unrealistic. Disagreements and rifts in all types of relationships are completely natural and a part of life, it all comes down to how we respond in these situations.

With families spending either too much, or hardly any time together during this lockdown, both situations can give rise to disagreements. If you’re faced with this in your family, always remember that it’s a natural part of life. Not just family relationships, but every aspect of life involves ups and downs. Without the downs we can’t appreciate and be grateful for the ups. Although we can’t always control when a family disagreement arises, we can control how we individually respond.

Responding in disagreements can be difficult, especially when there’s emotions involved. Take a step back and focus on your mindset, are you aiming to come to a peaceful conclusion or do you want to prove your point wins? Even if that conclusion is to negotiate or simply agree to disagree on smaller matters, holding the end goal of a peaceful conclusion is key. Take time to listen to everyone’s opinions and take ownership proactively for whatever may be in your hands. Taking accountability for situations that apply to you is a big part of strengthening family bonds. Accountability shines both honesty and an open heart on the situation, melting any tension and strengthening the relationship you have with your family.

Tune in every day of this week for inspo and encouragement on family relationships.

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