Lockdown love series – Week 3: Family relationships (Day 6)

Day 6 – Celebrations

Life is full of moments to celebrate. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding or a personal milestone, there’s so much to celebrate in life. Acknowledging those moments in your family member’s lives helps to strengthen your bond and build an encouraging, supportive vibe between you all.

Keeping on top of every celebratory moment in your family may sound quite daunting, but technology sure has made it easier. With our smartphones and emails integrated with calendars, slotting in a birthday, anniversary, or catch up sesh is super simple. On those days, showing appreciation and congratulating over a call or message goes a long way. If you live under the same household, verbally congratulating and acknowledging achievements of any kind in your family is so powerful, and helps to bring everyone together.

In our current Covid world, things can feel super overwhelming especially when big plans like weddings, anniversary dinners and birthday parties have been put on hold. Despite this, the sentiment behind these special days will always be there no matter what. That sentiment brings the spark to a celebratory occasion. If you’re away from family right now, always remember that celebrations can always continue virtually as well. Showing love in those virtual celebratory moments is the most powerful and important thing, it beams right through every pixel on your screen. Although Covid is stopping physical celebratory gatherings, it’ll never take away the special sentiment and love at the heart of those occasions.

Tune in every day of this week for inspo and encouragement on family relationships.

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