Lockdown love series – Week 4: Our world (Day 1)

We’ve reached the final fourth week of our Lockdown love series! What better way to quite literally round off this series than to focus in on our planet. In the bustle of our everyday routines, it can be easy to forget the impacts on our wider world. Although we may sometimes feel like only one tiny human on this planet, the impact we can have as individuals through showing our love and care towards everything around us is huge.

Tune in every day of this week for inspo and encouragement on showing love to our world.

Day 1 – Nature

With the greater amount of time spent indoors, comes greater internal reflection. Personally, after countless stares outside the window during lockdowns, my appreciation for nature has grown deeper. I can’t help but think about all the times I used to walk around without even acknowledging what’s around me. The blooming trees in spring, the little birds chirping, the feeling of taking in fresh air without having to worry about a mask. The list is quite honestly endless, just as this lockdown can feel sometimes.

The growing fears and lockdowns that have resulted from Covid has created the feeling of a permanent safety bubble around our homes. Staying indoors all the time has become so habitual. No matter how tempting it may feel to coop up completely at home, there are Covid safe ways to enjoy the nature around you.

Although it may feel tempting to stay inside all the time, try to take a small walk during the day, and if you’re working from home try your best to keep your windows open too. Taking in nature’s fresh air is key for our health. Show your love to Mother Nature by immersing yourself in the outdoors whenever you can.

Another one of my favourites is planting a tree or flower. Instead of gifting bouquets that end up being thrown, try gifting potted plants that will last for years. Whether it’s a gift for another or for your own home, growing a plant is a beautiful way to connect deeply with nature. Caring for a plant and watching it grow provides a deep inner appreciation for nature and the way life works.

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