Lockdown love series – Week 4: Our world (Day 2)

Day 2 – Organic food

Over the years, there’s been growing awareness of the benefits of eating organic foods. Shifting over to a diet enriched with organic foods may feel daunting, but taking small steps in this direction to incorporate more organic foods in your diet is a form of love to both the world around you and yourself.

Key hallmarks of organic fruits and vegetables are that they’re grown with natural fertilizers and without synthetic pesticides. Often many fruits and vegetables are grown with the help of manmade, synthetic processes to grow them quickly and meet the increasing demand for cheaply available food. However this does come at a cost to our health and nature.

Next time you do your weekly grocery shop, try out one or a few organic fruits or vegetables. How your food is grown plays an important part in your health and wellbeing. It has a direct impact on the nutrient levels of the food you eat. Not only are you being kind to your body, but also to the world around you. By supporting the growth of more organically produced fruits and vegetables, you’re helping to do your part to ensure plants aren’t laced with any harmful chemicals, and are grown in the most natural way possible. Produce grown organically is known to contain higher amounts of nutrients and has a more positive impact on nature. When we show love to nature, it gives love back to us.

Tune in every day of this week for inspo and encouragement on showing love to our world.

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