Lockdown love series – Week 4: Our world (Day 3)

Day 3 – Plastics

Nowadays almost every item around us seems to have plastic associated with it. Whether it’s the actual components of an item or the packaging it’s bundled in, plastic always seems to be involved at some point in the production process. It’s hard to ignore the apparent pros of using plastics – cheap, light and readily available. It can feel easy for the cons to be buried in amongst the short term pros we see on an everyday basis. Over the years, the cons have become increasingly unearthed from the surface level pros.

With the increasing use of plastics, its’ prevelance in the environment around us has grown too. Majority of mass produced plastics are unable to biodegrade and break down, meaning they can have potentially harmful effects on nature around us. When plastic is left in our environment, it can cause animals to get stuck inside and even affect the growth of plants. Plastics have also been shown to have negative impacts for both humans and other creatures on our planet when consumed.

There’s plenty of ways to shift towards a more plastic-free life, to do your part to care for our planet and yourself. Try swapping out single use plastic water bottles for a stainless steel bottle. Not only is it kinder for the environment around you, but it’s also cheaper in the long run! Another way to help is to swap out some of your plastic containers or lunch boxes for ones made of stainless steel. It’s got the pros of being dishwasher friendly, and is studier for all your storage needs.

Although we’ve inherently become accustomed to increasingly using plastics, the negative impacts on our world is vast. Reducing your plastic usage shows your love and care to not only our present world, but also its’ future too.

Tune in every day of this week for inspo and encouragement on showing love to our world.

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