The power of Spring

Despite the Covid restrictions, there’s nothing stopping mother nature continuing her beautiful cycle of blooms this season. The continuity of it all definitely gives me a sense of grounding and stability, amongst what feels like an unpredictable world with the Covid situation.

Spring is nature’s season of growth and renewal. It’s such a special time – seeing little flower buds bloom, and knowing that the days are lengthening (finally) after the seemingly never-ending grey winter months.

It’s not often enough that I set aside time to just watch and take in all the beautiful nature around me, but boy when I do it always blows me away. What’s often described as a ‘nice backdrop’ or ‘lovely greenery’ suddenly becomes a weak description of what’s all around me when I sit and take it all in. The complexity and intricacy of every single bit of nature, from a tiny leaf to all the towering trees is mind blowing.

Spending time in nature feels like a getaway for me. It makes time go slower and puts it all into perspective, especially after a day’s worth of work on a screen. The little video clip below is just a tiny snippet of the outdoors in my back garden, but whenever you can, spend some time outside and soak in all the nature around you in real life, and let it all click into perspective. Whatever you may be going through in your life, this season let nature’s bloom bring hope and renewal in your heart.

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