Embrace your art

Creativity is innate within each of us. When we channel our creativity to express ourselves, we can create powerful art. Art that connects and stirs hearts.

Art can come in many forms, one I’ve been delving into is painting. Being a novice in the painting realm, I like to remind (comfort) myself that it’s not all about perfecting the technical skills. Art is a deep form of personal expression through whatever medium rings true to your heart in that very moment. It’s the movement and your underlying message that tie together to create something special. Powerful art tells a story. It’s like opening a hidden window into the mind and heart of the artist. I always used to wonder why people in art galleries could stare at a painting for so long, but over the years it’s become apparent to me that it goes beyond marveling at just the technical skill. It’s a strong resounding connection beyond the brush strokes to the artist’s intent behind the piece.

Whatever way you’d like to express yourself – dancing, painting or even playing an instrument, do it unashamedly, without pressure. Art goes beyond just having strong technical skills. Take in the freedom of self expression, take out the fear of judgement and embrace your art.

Transform something old into something new. I painted over the cover of my old notebook to give it a spring refresh.

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