Throwback Thursday – Picture perfect?

We’ve almost made it to the end of another week! Friday Eve never fails to brew up excitement for the coming weekend. It’s also a day to take a trip down memory lane. ‘Throwback Thursday’ is a fad all social media enthusiasts are accustomed to, it’s an opportunity to post on something from the past and reminisce.

In a world where social media is jam-packed with digital photos captured in a single click, it’s hard to imagine a time where it wasn’t there. That’s right, I’m throwing it back to the good ol’ film wound up in a small single use disposable camera for all the 90s kids out there. There was something particularly satisfying about clicking a photo on one of these cameras. There’s no doubt that modern day digital cameras are incredible, making us all feel like instant semi-professional photographers, but there is something special about those single use disposable cameras too.

Missing the moment
Have you ever been at a party caught up with taking photos rather than enjoying the moment? You’re not alone, I’ve been there for sure. With the ability of taking photos so quickly on our phones, sometimes so much time goes into getting the right moment captured on camera that we miss the moment in real life. Back then, not everything was documented or photographed to the level it is today, and although often grainy, low definition photos were taken on single use cameras, there was a charm in this because the moment was well lived and the photo would often be accompanied with the saying ‘you just had to be there to have seen it!’.

As our world becomes more digital, it’s pretty refreshing to throwback and appreciate how life was back then. I think the biggest takeaway from this throwback is that a photo doesn’t need to be of a high definition and perfect angle to make it an amazing moment. Life is to be fully lived rather than fully captured.

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