The unexpected

Our world is full of uncertainty and minds full of expectations. Our expectations are attempts to control in a life full of the unexpected. Ultimately, although we expect another minute to tick past, we’ll never be 100% certain of what exactly happens in that span of time.

Being someone who loves to plan and organise things in advance, the thought of the unexpected doesn’t always put my mind at ease. Being organised is great. Having a plan is great. But will it result in the outcome you had set your mind on? Maybe not. Whatever the outcome, rest assured, things always seem to work out in the end. I’ve found many times in life that when I’ve planned to reach a certain goal in my mind it hasn’t quite turned out how I expected. However, the unexpected has led me to where I am now, which I feel forever grateful for.

In a world where expectations are rife from multiple sources, more often than not, it’s our own expectations that bring us the greatest deal of pressure. With each expectation feeling like the weight of a brick on our shoulders. I know I’ve definitely felt that in life. Heavy bricks aside, there’s no doubt that expectations have a positive impact too. It helps to motivate us in achieving our goals but also needs to be coupled with the acknowledgement of expecting the unexpected.

When applying for universities years ago, I had put specific expectations on myself regarding which university I wanted to attend. Although this expectation motivated me, it also added a great deal of pressure as I increasingly fixated on the outcome. Fast forward two years from that point, I ended up in a university I hadn’t expected to go to but I now feel so grateful to have attended. In retrospect, it’s easy to feel grateful after the sequence of events have played out. The difficult and most important part is seeing that in the moment.

Along with expecting the unexpected, acceptance is key. The uncertainty and mysteries of life can be quite unsettling but it sure brings excitement. At the heart of every plan you set for your life, the outcome and journey is ultimately unknown. There’s a level of uncertainty and mystery in every decision or situation. If we knew the outcomes of every step in life, life would lose its’ charm and excitement. Learning to accept the unexpected brings a level of peace. It brings peace and assurance in our hearts and the resilience to adapt to whatever situation comes our way.

Expect & accept the unexpected sounds like the most perfect motto for 2020. With the Covid situation drawing the world into one of its’ most difficult, unexpected times, it brings forward a lesson of both expecting and accepting the unknown that comes our way in life and choosing to plough through and see the good no matter what.

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