Lockdown love series

Times have changed fellow lockdowners, and so has the way we approach our relationships. Remember back when we could meet our loved ones without a second thought? It quite honestly feels like a strange combo of feels like just yesterday and feels like a lifetime ago. Life has truly changed for us all and whatever end of the scale you’re on – living alone or surrounded by the same people 24/7 – It’s not easy. There’s no doubt that the Covid situation has pushed everyone’s relationships and love lives to the test.

Given we’re approaching February, the month of Valentine’s Day, what better way to commemorate this than to focus in on the theme of love? I’ll be doing exactly that here on Your Summit. Tune in on Monday 1st February for the very first post in this Lockdown love series. Throughout every week of February, I’ll be posting on all things love-related *cue the cheesy jazz music* and also on ways Covid has changed how we approach things in this realm. Each week of February will have a different love-related theme and I’ll be posting some inspo for you on that theme throughout the week so stay tuned!

Despite the strains (emotionally, physically and biologically) of Covid, love has continued to prevail and always will. Love knows no bounds and endures any circumstance, even if we are bound in lockdown.

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