Lockdown love series – Week 3: Family relationships (Day 2)

Day 2 – Support network

A predominant part of what makes us human is our pull towards connecting with one another. It’s in our nature to feel warmth and comfort in knowing we have people in our lives who we can support and that can support us.

A support network is a group of people that you can depend on for advice and encouragement, particularly when you’re going through a difficult season in life. This Covid lockdown has been quite the season for many, and having that support network is beneficial for both our mental and physical wellbeing.

Building and maintaining your support network is all about the strength of each relationship over the quantity of people in that network. Instead of spreading your energy thin, focus on pouring your energy into maintaing a select few relationships. Keep in touch with those people regularly over a message or call, a quick catch up can do wonders.

Tune in every day of this week for inspo and encouragement on family relationships.

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